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Building Control Surveyor
Location: Hillingdon, Greater London
Salary:£43.00 - £50.00
Date: 07 Jul 2022

BBS Recruitment is currently recruiting for an experienced Building Control Surveyor in a temporary to permanent position for our client in Hillingdon.  The successful candidate should be a proactive and hardworking individual with prior experience within a role.

Job Description and Building Control Surveyor

To demonstrate understanding of the Council’s Customer Care Standards and ensure that these standards are met to deliver the Council vision of ‘putting our residents first’.

To be responsible for the selection, development and performance of the Building Control North team in line with the Council’s HR policies.

To ensure all team members receive the appropriate level of communication to maintain engagement with the Council’s vision, priorities and activities.

To be responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy working environment in line with Health & Safety at Work Act (1974).

No direct supervisory responsibility however may be requirement to assist in induction and training of peers and new employees.

Operational Service Delivery and Building Control Surveyor

• To assist in setting the standard and tone of your team and working closely with the BCM to achieve this end. 

• To assist the BCM in implementing initiatives set by the Council, Group and Team Plans.

• To assist the BCM with the management and allocation of work for your team and maintain quality of output.

• To assist in the active promotion of the service, including working under the LABC Partnership Scheme. If allocated a partner agent, develop a close working relationship with the agent to deliver a high standard of service.

• Working with the BCM to seeking customer feedback and delivering the desired quality of service with an overriding objective to achieve repeat business.

• To deliver work to meet targets and be able to work under pressure to tight deadlines.

• Be assessed and measured by BCM regularly against personal and team performance targets in accordance with the Council’s corporate staff appraisal system.

• To actively promote the image of Hillingdon Building Control.

• To deputise for the BCM as required and ensure the smooth running of the team in their absence.

• To work with other colleagues within the department and the Council, such as corporate property teams, Planning Development Control and Planning Enforcement to ensure excellent service delivery.

• Assisting the BCM with any of the functions of the Building Control service and assuming complete responsibility for tasks specifically allocated relating to aspects of legislation, procedures or organisation.

• Assisting the BCM with the allocation of work to members of the team. Supervise the output of the team and track the workload as well as be responsible for the quality, accuracy and timeliness to targets of all responses within the team.

• Ensure that the team keep comprehensive, accurate and legible records and proofs of evidence, enabling the defence of the Council in event of legal challenge. Prosecute ‘contraventions’ as necessary and have any Notice served by the Council upheld by a court.

• Ensuring that Building Regulation applications personally allocated are processed, without exception, within a) the statutory time periods and, b) Departmental targets.  Strive always to bring applications into conformity with statute (including carrying out all the necessary consultations) using excellent communication practices (E-mailing, telephoning and or arranging meetings to resolve contentious matters).  By using such practices, you will endeavour to reduce the number of rejections and resubmissions.

• To carry out inspections of building works, to ensure conformity with Building Regulations and statutory requirements. Full and accurate records are to be kept of such inspections. To act proactively in identifying sites requiring inspections, even when no request for inspections has been made e.g., contentious sites, illegal works and sites where the standard of workmanship appears to be particularly poor or the method of construction is unusual.

• Inspect dangerous structures, during normal working hours, and where necessary take action, as defined in Council/Departmental policy or in accordance with established working practice, to have the danger removed as required by statute using service of notices, court proceedings and contractors as necessary.

• Taking all necessary action by way of reports, service of notices and decisions, enforcement, preparing proofs and giving evidence for prosecution, and acting as the Council’s expert witness in respect of jobs for which he/she is responsible; all to ensure effective Building Control and conformity with statutory requirements.

• To work with BCM to ensure interdepartmental working e.g., with Planning Development Control and Planning Enforcement, is both effective and efficient.

• To work with the BCM to build business contacts to bring work (e.g., by way of partnerships) to Building Control.  Chair and minute progress meetings relating to schemes under construction and be proactive in steering wayward projects back on track.

• Work with BCM to nurture tentative enquiries relating to any service offered by LABC. Organise pre-application discussions, targeting major commercial and housing schemes; you will on occasion need to attend Planning Committees with BCM to market the service to prospective clients.

• Take an active role in the LABC Partnership Scheme where it is expected that at least one Partner Agent will be assigned to you.

• To advise applicants, architects, surveyors, engineers etc. and members of the public on matters concerning the requirements of the Regulations and the statutory controls, applicable to any building work.

• Checking Planning Conditions, where appropriate, when instructed by the BCM to develop and maintain close working relationships with the Development Control Team.

• To process general correspondence and enquiries relating to the Building Control service, within tmescales set by the Council.

• Deputise, when required for the BCM to include all absence including annual leave.

• To inspect and report on the demolition of buildings, serving notices and bringing prosecution where necessary.  Liaison with colleagues in Planning Development Control on sustainability issues and conditions concerning demolition.

• Assist if required with E-Government initiatives aimed at improving the provision of the Building Control service. This may include scanning, designed to assist with the development of a paper free office, as well as mobile and remote working initiatives.

• Achieve simple personal targets set by BCM e.g., the number of unauthorised works files turned into Regularisation Applications which are successfully completed on site, or other target(s).

• Attend PADA reviews and monthly one to ones with manager to discuss performance targets and training needs.

• Attendance at both team meetings and technical meetings when instructed to by BCM.

• To demonstrate a flexible approach in the delivery of work and to perform work reasonably associated with the level or responsibility and not specifically identified in the job description.

• To always maintain a high level of customer service, ensuring that all work is customer focussed and aimed at generating repeat business.

• To comply with the Council’s requirement for no discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, creed/religion, ethnic or national origin in any matters to do with employment or the provision of services.

• To comply with Health and Safety Regulations associated with your employment.

• By assisting the BCM in overseeing both the validation (of applications) process and the work output of surveyors in the team (following inspection of Building Notice work) ensure the correct charges are received.

• To carry a caseload which includes complex commercial schemes.

• To maintain the correct level of detailed knowledge you will be expected to undertake study in your own time. To reinforce the ongoing private study, you will fulfil the training requirements, agreed in your annual performance and development appraisal and any requirements for CPD your professional institution may have.

Other Requirements

3 Years References