BBS Recruitment is committed to developing strategic partnerships with its clients through an ongoing commitment to outstanding service and highly competitive pricing.

We further commit to continue taking a forward-thinking approach to our industry and to anticipate and devise solutions to our clients' needs in the future.

Talent Supply Management for Multiple Business Functions BBS Recruitment  specialises in four basic areas: short-term, long-term, contract or direct hire workforce staffing and management.

Our services enable companies to manage the skill level and size their workforces with greater precision.


Today's businesses are being challenged by the availability of fewer internal human resources and tighter budgets, combined with leadership's demand for greater productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Our role in helping companies rise to this challenge begins when BBS Recruitment UK assess your current talent needs then provide customized recommendations to help you maximize your investment in human capital.

Temporary staffing solutions: In today's dynamic business climate, organisations must build in the flexibility to respond to workload fluctuations as well as planned and unplanned absences. BBS Recruitment UK has the experience and capacity to provide flexible and cost effective temporary staffing solutions designed to help you manage business peaks and troughs. Our priority is to help our clients, candidates and employees to be successful. That's why we focus on our promise we work for you.

Our consultants and managers are recruited for their specialist knowledge and enthusiasms for the sector in which they operate. You can be sure that our teams are on your wave length and will go out of their way to get the results you want. They understand your challenge and will work with you to find pragmatic solutions to add even more value to your business.

If required, we will carry out face competency based interviews; aptitude, psychometric and other bespoke testing undertake reference and qualification checks, validate eligibility to work in the UK, assist with the interview process and negotiate with candidate on terms and conditions of appointment. We will also monitor the successful candidates, post placement, to ensure perfect fit role, team and culture guarantee.